Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Hunt Is On

Bradley has finally got on a deer lease after 8 yrs of not being on one. He's been able to hunt these past 8 yrs, but with friends on their leases.
Today I had the pleasure of joining him for an evening hunt. I was excited to go and spend some time with my hubby. My parents kept the kids for us.
Me and my huntin husband

The feeder. It's so quiet out there and when that thing dispensed the corn, it scared the poo out of me

Bradleys lonely deer stand. We were inside his pop up blind/tint.

Me! I got a little bored at one point, so I started taking pictures. Excuse the no make-up. The husband and deer didn't mind lol

Keeping a look out.

The gun, waiting to be fired

The sunset was very pretty out there.

We didn't see anything tonight. But that's ok. Bradley shot a "messed up deer" yesterday. I'm not too familiar with all the rules of hunting, but u can shoot a messed up buck and a legal one. The county he hunts in doesn't let you shoot doe, unless it's doe season (some let you on Thanksgiving weekend) and too bad because his deer lease has a lot of doe. Bradley has his game cam set up and when we checked it, it had over 400 pics on it just from Thursday. Bradley was not happy when we checked it and found most of the pictures were hogs. Not good for hunting deer.
I'm ready to go back. I hope next time I go, we see something and it's a shooter. I hope to get video too.
With Love
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