Friday, January 29, 2010

Around the house

We haven't been up to much lately. Just hanging out together! One day it's warm and then next it's freezing cold. We do live in Texas! (which I love!!!)

Kynlie has been so much fun. Her little personality is starting to really come out and I LOVE it!! She makes Brad and I laugh so much and let me tell you, it makes my heart so full to see such a happy baby!

She's been trying on mommas shoes lately. Just wait till she finds my high heels!

The funny thing is, she'll only walk around with just one shoe on. She's also been putting her own shoe on and it's the right shoe on the right foot, but then she tries to put her left shoe on her right foot too, but hey...she's learning!

The other day Heather and I took a long trip to Target with the girls

We had so much fun with these girls. They love each other so much!

Look at the beautiful face...she was soooooo good at Target, especially for the amount of time we spent there!!

Brad's parents came over on Sunday, so we took Kynlie outside for a spin around the sidewalk. She loves this...

It was a little cold out, but we thought it would be ok just for a few minutes...she was having way too much fun to go in.

Then she played in the leafs

Isn't this Minnie Mouse jacket so cute?! My mom bought it for her and I think it's just too cute! I love how the hood is Minnie's face!

Daddy has to go out of town and work for the weekend so it's just use girls. I have BIG reorganize my closet and get all the clothes that don't fit out (so that means everything HA) If I'm brave enough...I'll show some before and after pictures. The before maybe a little shocking HA! Brad would be so proud of me when he gets home. Lets just hope I stick with my plan and not do a lot of this...

that's what I'd much rather be doing with that sweet baby!

Have a great weekend!!

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Jennifer said...

This is such a fun age! She is a doll in your shoes! Such a big girl! Hope y'all have a great weekend! :)