Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy (Pappy)

Today my daddy is 55! Yes, I still call him daddy too.

Our relationship is different. We love each other with all our hearts, but we don't always see eye to eye on everything.

We look nothing alike (or I don't think we do) but we act just alike. I have his personality. We both could talk to a brick wall if we had to. We are not shy. We are both big jokesters.

We may not be as close as I wish we were, but I know he loves me. I know he'd be there if I ever needed him to. When I was sick in 2001, he hardly ever left my side (my mom never left my side...thanks mom). He never missed any of my games I cheered at though school or any of my soccer games.

He's an AWESOME cook. I love it when he surprises me and brings by something good he's made up.

I love this man so much!! I pray for him all the time...more than he'll ever know.
Happy Birthday Daddy/Pappy. We hope it was a good one.

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