Monday, June 4, 2012

Random thoughts from a tired brain...

Its late and I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep but I can't seem to shut my mind off. I've had an emotional day. I attended a funeral for some friends of mine mom/memaw. My heart breaks for their lose and it brought back some very hard memories of loosing my Ma & Papa & Grandmother. And it doesn't help that the friends episode that's on is where Monica and Ross' grandma dies (& yes I cried)

Speaking of my Ma & Papa, they would have celebrated 62 yrs of marriage yesterday

Oh how my heart misses them sooo much! But I have joy knowing they are both in heaven and I will see them again one day :))

I have been wanting to redo mine and Bradley's bedroom for a while now, I just cannot find the right colors I want to go with. Ive been wanting to sand down our furniture and try my hand at painting and distressing it. I like the idea of white and green. Something in between sage and lime. But I really like this....

I LOVE this look too!! The blue is beautiful but I think I want green

I want a sign like this in Koopers room

Ever since he's been born I've used instrumental music to help him fall asleep. In his room I have instrumental old hymns (that I could seriously listen to all day) but when I'm holding him, trying to put him to sleep or if we are not home I play "you are my sunshine" on my phone. I kid you not, as soon as it comes on, he's calm and most every time he's out in minutes.

I looked out my back window and saw this pretty little thing blooming

Only one, still pretty. All my flowers are doing good. I'm proud!

Well I'm going to try and close my puffy eyes and get some rest before someone wakes me up to nurse. But I'll leave you with two cute pictures of my life...

Kynlie said she had on her "Texas Rangers swim soup"

With Love

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Mrs. Williams said...

For the bedroom I love the Sage and Lime colors together even a Royal Blue and Lime or Yellow I think would be cute and different.