Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Polka fest weekend & memorial day

We had a great but busy polka fest weekend & a fun memorial day.
Our town celebrates polka fest every year on memorial day weekend. It really starts on the Thursday before and goes all weekend. We usually just hang out on Friday and cook on the grill. Saturday starts all the busy fun stuff!

We got up early Saturday and got ready for the annual parade. The parade seems to get bigger and bigger every year. 1000s of people show up in our town and line the streets to see all the beautiful floats and hear the Czech music and all the beautiful Czech costumes every one wears.

This is the Ennis high school cheerleaders on their float. (my niece is the one waving)

Andie and I!
After the parade we always go to the KJT and have the best lunch and listen to polka music and watch the kids dance.

After we left there we went to a friends house to swim most of the afternoon into the evening.

Headed to the pool

I love how you can see Koopers sweet fat feet in the back ground of this picture. :)))

A little fuzzy but still a cutie pie ready to swim!

She loves swimming with daddy.

Sweet chunkers took a TWO hour nap in the shade in the back yard! What a life :))

Someone pooped out before we left the neighborhood!

We went home and got cleaned up and went out to Bradley's parents friends house, who happens to be the grandparents of a sweet boy Kyn goes to MDO with. Good thing he was there, b/c kyn had a blast!! I forgot my camera & my phone so I didn't get any pictures of them. My mother n laws friend took this one of kooper & pawpaw and sent it to me

So sweet!!
Sunday we got up and went to church. We had a memorial day service with our hand bell choir and choir honoring our country!! I heard some of it from the hallway on my way back in to service from being called out because of kooper crying.
We walked straight from church to down town to shop. Polka fest always brings in the best vendors with the best shopping!
The rest of the day consist of naps, house work, Kyn spent the day with her nana and pawpaw, grocery shopping and then Bradley, kooper and I had dinner down town at a small Mexican restaurant where we sat out side. Then it was off to get our girl.

Monday memorial day started with Kyns first swim lesson of the summer

After her class we headed to brads parents to help put up their above ground pull. That was some hard sweaty work!

See that silver tarp the pool is sitting on? Well, under the tarp is dirt and sand that Bradley, me, his mom & dad all took turns flatting out so the pool would be about a work out!

That's what the kids did...lucky kiddos!

Finally it was ready for water!! It took over 5 hours to fill up! But I still got in once it was about 2ft and cooled off.
We had a yummy dinner

Brad did a little fishing and we just relaxed

So pretty!!!

She loves her daddy!!

Watching the frogs poke their heads up

Defiantly a pawpaws boy!!!

I love his shirt!! (pawpaw is spelled different than we spell it but I had to get the shirt)

Me and my favorite girl in the world!!!

We then headed in and watch the Texas Ranger WIN! Then headed home to get ready for the week.

What a busy but fun field weekend we had!!

With Love

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