Friday, May 18, 2012

Kooper 9 months

We are on our way to Texarkana Tx right now to visit my BFF Dawn and her family. Since we are going to be in the truck for 3 1/2 hours I might as well do Koopers 9 month post. Right now I'm sitting here with my ear phones on listening to my iPod because my sweet hubby is listening to classic radio shows. You know, those ones WAY back in the days before they had TVs? Talk about a snoozer lol!

Kooper turned 9 months on Tuesday the 15th. We had his well child check Wednesday. I like the 9 m check ups, because my sweet baby does not get shots!

23.5 lbs 75th percentile.
30 inches tall 95th percentile
Big healthy boy!!
He wears size 12 month clothes. 18 month in onesies. Size 3 diaper (might be moving up after the next diaper purchase) when he wears shoes, he wears a 3. But his foot is so fat I can hardly get them on HA!

He's still not a good eater. Some days are better than others. Dr P said I can start table food and see if he like that better. We just have to stay away from strawberries and peanut butter. We tried soft carrots and he did not like them. I dont think he likes textured food. He's still a breast fed baby. Will not take a bottle or paci for anything. He doesn't even like a sippy cup. He'll chew on the nipple of the cup and every now and then accidentally get a drink.

Elmo is still his favorite to watch. Im getting busy planning his Sesame street bday! I only have 3 months (tear)

His eyes are still blue ish. Some times they look grey. His hair is still strawberry blond. In the sun it really has a red tint. He has 8 teeth.

He is still not sleeping at night. Although the night he turned 9 months he slept in his bed from 11pm to 7am!!! I thought just maybe we hit a turning point. But the rest of the week he's been up every 2 to 3 hours nursing.

He is a full time crawler. He cruises all over the house following me and sister.

He pulls up on the recliner, the step in the play room and his tall toys. He moved from a small chair in the living room to the recliner standing up. I'm sure he'll walk before he's one. Not sure I'm ready! My baby is growing way too fast.

The people he adores at the moment are mommy, sister and pawpaw. He cried the other night every time his pawpaw would put him down or hand him to someone else. Spoiled much??

He's been falling asleep a lot like this on daddy. Daddy is now the official "put kooper to sleep" person!

He is the sweetest baby boy I know! He has a smile that will melt ur heart and gives this momma butterflies. I can't believe he's growing so fast. My love for him is out of this world!

With Love,

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