Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Kids

What do you know, I'm actually making a post from my computer. I finally uploaded some pictures to the computer and edited them.

My kids mean the world to me. I can't get enough of them (well....some times I do need a break LOL) but honestly, I do miss them when I'm not with them.

Here are some pictures of my babies and some random things they are up to.

I wish I had a 24 hour video on Kynlie so people could see how funny she is and the funny things she says. I laugh because she's starting to catch on to how we say things. For example she asked if she could go down to her memaws "right fast". I didn't realize I say that but I do.

Kooper is really starting to gibber jabber a lot. It sounds like he's saying HI to everyone he sees at the restaurant or the store. He can get so loud, but it's so funny. He's such a happy boy and so content. TOTAL opposite of his wild hyper sister. (hopefully he'll stay this way)

Kynlie is currently obsessed with the Chipmunks. We have all three movies but right now her favorite is the 3rd one. She can sing all the songs on the movie as well as dance just like the chipmunks. It's pretty stinkin cute!!

They both LOVE to be outside. As you can tell from all the pictures. Kynlie could bounce her ball all day long outside. Kooper will either sit in his jump a roo, walker, or on a his blanket and take in every single move his sister makes.

Kynlie has been somewhat interested in bugs. I bought her a butterfly net and a magnified glass to look for bugs....BUT once she sees one or they touch her, she'll start screaming and running away.

We have been reading Kynlie's children's Bible to her at night. I always ask her questions the next night to see what she remembered. Well the other night I was asking her who made the moon, sun, animals and of course she knew and answered God did. I asked her about Adam and Eve and if she remembered where they lived. Her answer was they lived in the "apple tree" HA! I got so tickled. She's kinda right... I asked her if she remembered the guys name who built the ark and her answer was "Nova" once again, she's close! BUT my most favorite part of if all is, when I'm not reading to her, she'll "read" to her self and I LOVE listening to her make up her own words to the pictures she sees and what she's memorized from listening to me. I know she's paying attention. :)

We played outside yesterday in the water sprinkler...the kids did, I just took pictures.

That's it for now! I'll be back soon with pictures of my beautiful niece from her prom....


Courtney and Heather said...

Great pictures! Your little boy is a cutie!


Dianna said...

Love all of the pictures!