Friday, May 4, 2012

A day to myself...kinda!

Bradley finally had a day off today so I took advantage of it and did some things for myself :)

I was way over due for a pedi, fills, and an eyebrow wax. So when we all got up and had breakfast I snuck out and got pampered! (when I say snuck out, I mean I really have to sneak out. Kyn will cry her sweet little eyes out to go with me)

My nails! I love my nail lady Tina! She never disappoints. I always try to stick with something simple and light for my finger nails.

But my toes, I'll do about any color and this time I did this bright pink with glitter. I love it. Makes my feet look tan! HA!

After I pampered myself I picked up lunch and headed home to eat and feed my chunker (aka kooper)

After lunch me and Kynlie went to visit my mom at work and then go pay a bill. I called to check on Kooper and he was still napping so we ran to factory connection in town. I found a dress and some cute wedges

Not the best picture but it's a strapless camel color dress. It reminds me of burlap. It's very cute...long in the back and short layers in the front.

Once again not the best picture (I had someone hanging on my arm) they are super cute in person. They have some sparkles on the front.

We then headed home because someone woke up from his nap :)

The day and spending didn't stop there.... Brad had me run to the store to get tarter sauce and I made a short detour to the family dollar. I love that store. I was hopping they had tarter sauce there but they didn't so I had to run into HEB too

I picked up this cute pink spring dress from the dollar store and those shoes I'm wearing at the top when I showed my pedi.

I also got this cute outfit there for kynlie. $6! Perfect for MDO & playing outside.

And this one for kooper man!

I finally made it to HEB for the tarter sauce and stumbled across these cute gold sandals when I walked in. I've been looking for gold sandals for kyn that didn't cost a lot

Also, Kynlie has been playing "Walmart" lately and loves to pretend shes checking out. I found a Barbie cash register with all the bells and whistles but I just couldn't bring myself to pay the price for it. Luckily HEB had this one for $10!! She hasn't stop checking things out around the house since I gave it to her! Success!!!

It came with money, credit card, play food, basket, it adds, the scanner beeps (very loud) and the drawer pops out. It's worth the $10!

So now I'm about to go eat some yummy fried fish and hush puppies my hubby just made and finish watching the Ranger game!

With Love

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