Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bailee's prom 2012

My niece had her first prom this past Saturday. I was so excited she asked me to take pictures of her and her friends before they left.
We met at her other aunts house. I got some really good pictures. I didn't get as many as I wanted to because there were so many parents there taking pictures. I believe there were 40+ jr & sr there.

Here are some of the girls. Man their dresses were gorgeous!!! Much different from when I went to prom in 1999 & 2000.

I LOVED Bailee's dress! I don't say this because she's my niece but I think she had the prettiest dress!!

She wore it SO well!

Her hour glass figure in a mermaid dress....just perfect!!

Look at the details in her dress! And such pretty accessories!

Can't forget about the shoes!!

Bailee and her momma. Stunning!

Cute little family!

This is Alyssa, Bailee's best friend since kindergarten. Her dress was SO pretty too!! Love the pink ruffles!

Two beauties!

Off they go... To a night they will never forget!
I cant believe my niece is 17 and about to be a senior in high school. Time is fly by!

And just for fun and to give everyone a good laugh! Here are my jr year before prom pictures! Hold the laughing to a minimum please...

I'm the one in the red dress. I didn't get the blue dress memo that yr.

The famous stair case picture!

Me and Kari one of my best friends...still to this day!

Me, Lindsey, & Kari. Lindsey has been one of my best friends since 3rd grade and we also are still BFFs!

There you go, prom 1999 & prom 2012.

With Love

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