Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Testing the blog app with lots of pictures

On my old phone, the blog app didn't work so well and stop letting me post pictures. Since I have a new phone now, I thought I'd test it out and see if it works again.

My beautiful big girl Sunday morning before church!!

Her & I waiting in the car for daddy and bub to get donuts. This has become a Sunday morning routine before church!

Last Tuesday the weather was beautiful, so we took advantage and played outside after school. This sweet boy has not a care in the world!! Love it!!

She's my sunshine!!

My little fashionista!! Kynlie told me recently that she doesn't like dressing "fancy". She likes leggings and long tops with boots. Can't say I don't agree and she looks adorable.

Kooper wasn't ready to go back to MDO Monday morning after the Christmas break.

There's my sweet, loving, mommas boy!!! He loves to give kisses, especially to me!!

I got so tickled last Sunday morning. The kids and I went to my parents after church and my dad always has the Sunday paper out. Kooper crawled up to the table, picked up the sports section, and went to "reading". He even let out a few sighs.

My silly kids one Saturday morning

A few Friday's ago, Kynlie and I went running around town together. I enjoyed having one on one time with my girl. She's grow up way too fast!!

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