Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bucket List

Not sure why, but I've had two words on my mind lately. Bucket List!

I've never had one, I've never really thought about one either.

I have a list of random things I'd like to accomplish in my life time. Some are realistic, some might not be or may never happen, and some maybe simple to others, but to me "bucket list worthy" or an accomplishment.

I want...I will read the Bible through in a year. I've tried and it's not an easy task to do. I know I can do it, if I set my mind to it.

Buy our first home! To some this maybe nothing, but for us it's big. We have been married 7 & 1/2 years and have not bought our first home. I'm ok with that. It hasn't been the right time in life or financially. But we trust in Gods plans and He will provide. (This is an example of a house I'd love to have)

Travel: I haven't traveled much in my 33 years of life. Cancun, riviera maya, Hot Springs Arkansas. That's it!! Unless you count Texas where I live. I've been to Galveston many many times.

I'd love to visit New York!!! I've always wanted to go there. Especially in the fall. I hear it gorgeous at that time. Also there's a handful of place I'd like to visit in NY. (9/11 memorial, time square, Live with Kelley & Michael, Statue of Liberty)

I want to drive up to Tennessee and visit the Grand Ole Opry. I love country music, especially old country (the good stuff)

I wouldn't mind going to California. I want to do the tour bus, to see where celebrities live, like Lucy & Ethel did on I love Lucy. Speaking of Lucy, it would be a must to go visit her Star.

Pay off debt!!! Who doesn't want to do that??

Find a cure for my lung disease, so myself and other don't have to suffer with coughing and breathing issues. (it's s shot in the dark)

Send my kids to college without worry!! Maybe Texas A&M?

There you have it, a list of things I'd like in my life time. If I'm still blogging 20, 30 years from now....I'll do an update! Lol!

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