Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Horsing Around

We really enjoy going out to Brads parents. The kids love to see all the animals. Kynlie loves to ride Eddie and of course Kooper loves to see his PawPaw.

Since it's not 100 degrees anymore, we let Kynlie ride the horses. Kooper for some reason isn't too sure about riding yet. He'd rather have PawPaw hold him. Kynlie was riding "by her self" since she was one.

It's nice now that they are just across the pasture from us :))

They have a nice piece of land behind their house where we ride, but also they have a tank that's lined with trees. When the sun sets, it's so beautiful. I try to remember to bring my camera when I know we're going to be out there. I've taken pictures out there years ago when Kynlie was a baby that turned out perfect.

These are the ones I got the other night. We were just playing around. I love this girl!!!

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