Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Y'all

I'm really enjoying Fall right now. I'm having so much fun decorating my front porch. Today Kynlie and I spend some time together while Kooper took his afternoon nap. We painted pumpkins! She had so much fun.

Lately she seems so much older by the way she's talking and acting. Prayers are being answered about her behavior. She's been doing much better. She has her normal fits, as all kids do, but like I said, much better!!

Our one on one time is so special to me and I know it means a lot to her as well. After we were done painting she said "I'll help clean up momma so you don't have to do it alone" So sweet! When we went inside she said "So, what are we going to fix for supper" Such a big girl. She's been into helping me make beds and gets so excited to show me her bed and how she's picked up her room.

(I think she's PERFECT)
I enjoyed taking some pictures of my fall decorations today. I think they turned out so pretty. I'm thinking of printing some and framing them around the house for the season. I have some other things in mind I want to add.

I'm about to go start supper while Kooper is still snoozing. Cheesy chicken and rice (not my Grandmothers recipe, although that's my favorite) Just something simple...chicken, melted Velveeta, rice, a can of cream of mushroom, & a can of rotel.
Have nice evening. I'll be back tomorrow....maybe :))

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