Monday, October 8, 2012

A change and random thought

I want to start off saying I have a saddened heart today. I saw yesterday where a blogger, who I've been keeping up with for years, husband passed away in a car accident. My heart breaks for this sweet girl and her family. I have never met her but feel as if I know her from reading her blog. Her and her husband have a little girl who will be one in November. Things like this really make you think. You can not take life for granted. No one is promised tomorrow or even the rest of the day. The turner family will stay in our prayers through this difficult time. Please keep them in your prays as well.

We have been busy bees lately with the move and soccer. I have a ton of random thought running through my head of things to blog about.

We recently made a decision to downsize our living in order to save money and get a head. With me not working, living on one income has not been the easiest but worth every minute to be able to be a stay at home mom. We are very blessed to have such great families that have helped us this past year. We felt it was time to change somethings so we could prepare for the future better for out two precious babies and our selfs.

Brads sister recently moved so her rent house became available and we jumped on the opportunity to move in. We are saving almost $400 a month!! It's a lot smaller than the house we just left but it's nothing we can't get use to. I'm glad we made this decision. I'll be very glad when we start to see the saving add up! The house is out in the country and has tons of room for the kids to play and Brads parents live just behind us across the field. That was a plus.

Kynlie has soccer practice every Thursday and games every Saturday. She really is enjoying soccer and I'm so happy! She didn't enjoy her self that much this past Saturday, because it was pretty cold and rain and she's been feeling bad too. So we didn't stay for the whole game.
She wanted nothing to do with taking soccer picture. I have no idea why. This picture makes me laugh so hard. All these boys smiling and the only girl not.

Kooper is a hot mess these days. He's into everything!! He's all boy, that's for sure! He has been sick lately. Upper respiratory infection and a double ear infection. Bless his heart....and mine! He's feeling much better today and actually playing. He's been sleeping better too. I think a lot has to do with his new room is very dark and cool and with his fan running he can't hear much around the house.

Fall has finally hit here. Let's hope it stays around. I've been enjoying decorating my new front porch for fall. One of my very favorite seasons to decorate.

With colder weather means hot coffee!! I can only drink hot coffee in the fall/winter. If I drink it in the summer I'll sweat to death. So I drink a cold coffee or dr pepper to get me going.

I got to get out the other night and enjoy a dinner with some friends. It was a short but very needed dinner and girl time

I caught a little rat sneaking a bite of sisters sandwich. I guess it's ok as long as he's eating something.

That's it for now. I'll see what pictures I have on my camera and hopefully can do another post soon.

As soon as bub takes a nap, sister and I are off to paint pumpkins!

With Love

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