Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kynlie Turned 4!!

I'm so behind on blogging. Right now we are in the process of moving (more on this change later) and I feel like my brain is on overload with people to call and get things switched and canceled and so on. I actually have my computer logged on doing some things, so I thought I'd do a post.

On September 5, our sweet, sassy, energetic, full of life daughter turned 4! I can't believe it's been 4 years since that dark headed, round faced, chubby 8lb 4oz girl came in our life!! 4 years ago I became a mommy. Best day of my life!!!

She is so fun! She has a mind of her own and is very stubborn but can be so sweet. She's full of life and so hyper at most times, and as much as I would like for her to be calm most days, I wouldn't trade a second!!

She's been in MDO out since she turned 3. She'll move up to Pre K next school year. She missed the cut off age by 4 days, but that's ok. I think I'd rather her be the oldest than the youngest in her class. She's so smart...or I think she is. Her memory amazes me. She remembers things I can't, and things that blows my mind.

We had her 4 yr check up and she weighs 37lbs and they measured her at 40inches but I thinks that's wrong. She's just barley over the 50% mark on height and I thought she was tall for her age. She seems a lot taller than all her classmates and friends. She's a skinny little thing that's for sure. She wears 4T in length but can still wear 2t in waist. She has to have a 4T in dresses and shirts for length (another reason I think she's taller) and she wears a 11 shoe...that's right I said 11!! Most of her friends her age are wearing 7, 8, & 9s in shoes. Again, makes me think she's going to be tall and skinny.

She has the most beautiful big brown eyes!!! Her hair is still a blondish brown color and still does not grow fast. She's had 3 hair cuts in 4 yrs.

She's really into barbies these days. She'll still watch Dora here and there but not as much (Thank God HA). She loves to wear my high heels and walk around with a purse on her shoulder and a pretend phone in hand pretending to be a business woman I guess. It's funny!! She still will play dress up in her princess costumes, but that's starting to fade aways. She's just growing up on my too fast.

She is a very very funny girl! I went back and read a lot of old posts I made about Kynlie from birth till 2 yrs and every time I said something about her being funny and it's still so true! I wish I had a 24hr video of her because I can't always remember everything. Some funny sayings she says now are... Wash mouth for mouth wash. Door neighbor for next door neighbor. I so much love you for I love you so much.

We have her in soccer right now and I think so far it's her favorite activity she's been in. We tried Mommy and Me dance while I was pregnant with Kooper and she didn't not act right in it and I honestly think she was bored. We then tried gymnastics but pulled her from that not long after she started because she was not getting anything out of that class and the class went through 3 teachers. I think she will love gymnastics in the future but at a different gym and when she's old enough to understand what she's doing. She loves doing flips in the living room and she's pretty good not to have much practice.

She's not a good all!! Another thing I read while reading back on my blog, she was a great eater. Now all she wants is "wamiches" (sandwiches), fruit snacks, chicken nuggets, & cake cakes (little Debbie's). She loves juice boxes, but surprisingly she likes water just as much!

I'm sharing this because I want to document it so I wont forget (not that I think I will) and I want to be honest on here for my sake. We have recently put Kynlie on a very very low dose of meds to help her sleep and calm down at night. At her 4 yr check up her doctor said she may have early signs of ADD/ADHD. I've been saying this for ever. I use to joke that she was going to be my ADD kids and now it's not much of a joke, it's reality. She seems to have a behavior problem at home and in public. Although her teachers at MDO and church say she's fine. She's not at home for Brad and I. She has the hardest time falling a sleep at night, focusing, and listening. She can be up early and go all day and it will be 11:30 or midnight and she's still going strong. We tried all kinds of things to help her fall asleep like, no naps, earlier naps, shorter naps, no sugar, caffeine (which I hardly do anyways), movie in her room, no movie, reading, etc... nothing seemed to work. At 3 yrs the doctor said to try Melatonin drops. We have been using the tablets for a year now and her body has gotten use to them and they no longer work. At night she gets extra hyper and very disrespectful to Brad and I. So we talked to the dr and he suggest starting her on this medicine at night and see how it works. I was very nervous at first. The last thing I wanted to do is medicate her, but it's working so far and she's falling a sleep better. Her behavior is a little better but she still needs some working on. She's just a strong willed girl and wants it her way. Some times I feel Brad and I went wrong somewhere, but I think it's just her. We try our hardest to teach her right from wrong and have manners and respect and for the most part she has them all, just not for us and she can be a toot most days. This situation has become a daily pray for us. I wont give up on her and I will do everything I can to raise her to be the best girl, teen, young lady, woman I can.

I don't think it's possible to love her more than I do, but I wake up everyday and see her sweet face and I do, I love her so much it hurts sometimes!!! She is one of the most important persons in my life and I honestly don't know who I would be if I didn't have her in my life. I thank God for her everyday if for the toot she is. I'd rather have her the way she is than not have her at all!!!

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