Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kooper's 1st Party Sesame Street

I started this post a while back but something happen to my phone and it cut off and I lost it :(

So I may ramble trying to remember everything and making sure I don't miss anything about his party.

We had Kooper's party a few days before his actually birthday. It was Sesame Street theme and I think it turned out just perfect!!

Elmo the cup cake cake. I loved how it turned out! Bradley's aunt made it for us. She's so talented.

The main table. Full of cookies, fruit, veggies, goldfish, & cup cakes.

The cookie monster station. There were Oreos, chocolate chip, & oat meal.

Goldfish area. We bought a real goldfish for the party and for the kids to have as a pet (somehow its still alive to this day lol) We named her Dorothy just like Elmo's friend on Sesame Street.

This might have been my favorite station. Oscars Trash. We found a 6 gallon tin can and I filled it with chex mix aka "Trash". I also had a bowl of gummy worms. On Sesame Street Oscar has a friend worm named slimmy.

This was just a decorated area. Best Buds, Bert & Ernie. I had a bowl full of water with rubber duckies floating in it. Ernie's favorite toy is his rubber duckie. Bert's is his pigeon.

This was the Reading spot. I bought a lot of Sesame Street book for the kids to take home. I set Big Bird in a "nest" with a book, because Big Bird loves to read and he had his pal, Snuffy next to him.

That was all the decorations. Here's the rest of the party and guests.
The birthday boy and his papa. He had just woke up from his nap when everyone arrived.

He did not want to open gifts.

He just wanted his always.

Now for the cake smashing time. Enjoy all the messy pictures...

After a good scrub down, that he cried the whole time getting, we headed outside to play in his new truck. Memaw and Pappy bought him his first truck! Brad and I are hoping they will buy him his next truck 15 yrs ;))

Carrying precious cargo!!

After a few rides he relaxed on the driveway and checked his emails on his new lap top

And ended in papas lap...again!

It was a wonderful party! I was so pleased at how everything came together!

Just for fun I did a few comparison pictures of the kids on their first birthday parties. I think they resemble a lot of each other.
Kooper-top, Kynlie-bottom

Kooper-left, Kynlie-right

With Love

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