Monday, March 22, 2010

My Random Thoughts at the Moment

These are some things that are going through my head randomly today.

I've found a new love for my lips
This stuff is so smooth and smells great. I think I've applied it to my lips about 50 times today HA!

I can't get it out of my head that the Health Care Bill passed. Not a good thing for my opinion. But this is a whole other topic, that I may or may not get to. Thank goodness my hubby doesn't know how to blog on here, or he'd be ranting and raving about it more than me.
But I do have to post this one picture...
I'm so ready to start my new J-O-B!! I'm ready to continue to shop for scrubs!

I sure do wish I was at home with this sweet little girl.
(this was last night at dinner. she sat up at the table like a big girl in a buster seat. She did not eat one bite!)
She's actually sick right now with a throat infection. If me or her daddy can't be with her, then her memaw is the next best thing!

I'm off Friday and I'm hoping me, Kynlie and my mom have a date to the Dallas Arboretum! I think the weather is going to be in the 70's. As of right now it is, but we do live in Texas and it just my be 70 today and snowing tomorrow. That's how we do it!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday. I'm on my way home to see this hot chicka

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