Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma (yesterday)

Yesterday was my momma birthday! We were so busy yesterday I didn't even have a chance to post anything on her actual birthday.

Yesterday, Kynlie, me and my parents went to Rockwall to see my grandparents (Brad was in Arkansas working). My dads, dad and his step-mom. We had a really nice lunch and an amazing cake!! My step-grandma made my mom an mandarin orange die for!!!

After lunch we all just sat around and visited. Kynlie and I haven't seen them in so long and it was great to see them. They have a huge backyard with lots of landscaping and plenty of room for Kyn to run around.

My brother showed up around 5:00 so we stayed around to wait on him then mom, Kyn and I left around 6 something. I then treated my mom to dinner at the Grand Buffet Chinese place. Kynlie was not!!!! She was so tired from the long day we had. They only nap she got was in the car ride home and it was not enough for the sweet little girl.

We had a great time yesterday. I sure hope you did mom!!

Mom I love you so very much!!! Thank you so much for everything you do for my family. You are an amazing woman. I hope you had a great birthday. I love you!!!!!

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Christa said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Sounds like y'all had a fun weekend!