Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bath Time Fun and LOTS more

I finally bought Kynlie some new bath toys. She's been playing with the same old toys, although she doesn't care, I thought she needed something new. I've kept the old ones in there too. I bought her these Fizzy Tub Colors and some numbers and letters that stick to the tub. I think they are so much fun. She on the other hand, hasn't even noticed a difference.
She has taken a Yellow bath (it looks like she peed in the water HA)
She's had a Purple bath (looks more Blue)
Her favorite face to make
She's been learning how to spell her name
Her two favorite ones to hold are the letter i and number 1
She's had a Pink bath (suppose to be Red, but we'll take Pink!)
and a Blue bath
Of course we had to play a game of "Pee-Pie" aka "Peek-A-Boo"

The other night Kynlie, my mom and I were all in Kyn's room and she started going through her drawers and pulling out all her leggings and pj's. She likes to wear them as scarfs and she had to wear her tubogen, she's never got to wear out yet. This girl makes me laugh so much. I just love her so much I could burst!
Saturday night we went to dinner with Heather, Justin and Grace at Chili's. These girls were a handful!! They were so excited to see each other, they were hyper! Oh but what fun they are!
Sunday we had a birthday party to go to for this little handsome guy. His name is Landon and he's 2.
Kynlie had fun riding his dump truck....backwards HA!
She had fun sliding down the bounce house slide. That's Christy, Landon's momma.
She ran up and down the driveway playing with every toy she could get her hands on or steel from someone. HA! She's at that stage, she wants what every one else has and doesn't understand to share, but we are working on it.
Last but certainly not least. Here she is last night. This is how she walked out of her play room and I couldn't help but to catch it on camera. Too stinkin cute if I say so myself.
One of momma's shoes, pink baseball cap BACKWARDS HA, & dragging the baby doll.
This Kynlie saying "MOM...did you really just put that many pictures of me in the bath tub up?"


Kristina and TJ said...

Love it!!

Little Mrs. P said...

Found your blog from Kellys Korner. I love the Elmo tablets, I've never seen them before and now i want to find some for my little one. So fun! Your baby is adorable!