Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's go back in time...

I'm came across some pictures of me when I was a little girl and I love looking at them and see how much Kynlie and I look alike. Although, she is a spitting image of her daddy...weird uh? I swear, if I wouldn't have been the one doing all the work, I would believe she's mine.

OK this first picture is the one that everyone looks at and thinks it's Kynlie until they notice the coloring and the old couch.
This was taken Jan 1983 I was 16 months old.
This one is too funny.
This is me on the right at one day old and Kynlie on the left at one day old.
Some times I tease my mom that the doctor got my picture switched with someone elses.
I look too Chinese HA!
The one on the left is me at 6 months at Easter, and I'm not too sure how old I was on the right.
This is funny too. Kynlie makes the silliest faces sometimes and I must have too. I wish I could could find a picture of my niece Bailee from her first Christmas. She is making the exact same face I am.
Me a little older
and a little older
This is me and my cousin Chad Ray
This is awful! Do you remember the crimper?
Oh look at that hair of mine.
It looks as if my bangs got put through at shredder and then I decided to crimped them HA!! And you've got to love my brothers pink and denim shirt!
Me and my cousins
Ok time to fast forward...to my junior year of high school.
Jr. Prom!
This is Me, Lindsey and Kari.
They were both my matrons of honor in our wedding.
Do you think I missed the blue dress memo???
I was dead set on getting a red dress that year.
How fun! I hope to dig up some more old pictures to share and compare!


Amber said...

I think I even wore a blue dress that year!!

Christa said...

OMG ya'll look just alike! The first picture looks just like Kynlie! Too cute!

Rebekah said...

yep...she is definitely her momma's girl! love the baby pics of you!


Wow - talk about a mirror image : )