Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 Months, New moves, & a TOOTH!

Look at those eyes!

That's right, Kynlie June is now 7 months old as of Sunday. Hard to believe, she's growing up on us so fast. (I know I say that every month). She's doing so much more new things these days. We love her just as much as yesterday if not more.

She's got new moves. She's trying to crawl but instead of hands and knees it's hands and toes. I love it! She really is crawling but it's really really slow. Although she can turn in circles like a champ!

We don't crawl, we do push ups!!!

SHE HAS A TOOTH!! A little pearly white showing through. She's starting to bite a little when you put your finger in her mouth.

She's eating everything now, she has been for a while. She's still a breast fed baby. Yay, Go Momma!!

Her "6th month" check up is Friday so we'll get to see if she's can have #2 foods and juices yet. I have know idea and I'm not going to give her ANYTHING without the doctors Okay! She'll get her shots on Friday as well. I can't wait to see what she weighs. I'm guessing 16lbs.

It's a 4 day week this week and I'm so excited. That means I get 3 full days to spend with Kynlie. Easter is Sunday and I'm so ready to go to Church and so ready to show Kynlie off in her Easter dress to friends and family.

We had Bailee's birthday party at my brothers house on Sunday and they have a very cute puppy that Kynlie just LOVED. She wanted to get her hands on that Bella so bad, but Bella wouldn't get too close to her.

We had a good weekend. Shopping and family time. Nothing better! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.


Cathy P said...

As usual too cute!! I love the picture of her doing her little push ups - that is hysterical!! She is always dressed so cute, just like her Mama. That right too - Yay Mama for keeping on breast feeding that sweet baby!! You haven't had to pay all that money out on formula. It would stain those cute clothes anyways.

Love ya and love keeping up with Miss Kynlie and the other Kubins.

The Hobbs said...

Grant did the push ups as well, its funny to watch! Those teeth will start coming in FAST. Grant got 3 at one time it seemed and now he has 7! The pictures are so cute, keep them coming!