Thursday, April 2, 2009


The things I love about Kynlie June

* I love her smile
* I love the way she smells
* I love all 10 of her toes and all 10 of her fingers
* I love her silent laugh
* I love her giggle sounds
* I love watching her take a bath
* I love feeding her
* I love how she already has her mouth open wide before I can get the spoon out of the bowl
* I love watching her sleep in my arms or in her bed
* I love watching her play with her toys
* I love watching her learn new skills
* I love when she cries out for me
* I love how when Daddy walks in the room she smile so big
* I love her new grin she's been doing
* I love when she's standing in my lap and she grabs and pats at my face
* I love that she's ticklish
* I love her bald head
* I love when she finds new sounds she can make and listening to them over and over
* I love how she has to fall a sleep in my arms at the same time and same way every night
* I love her soft delicate skin
* I love how she's almost crawling and the rocking motion she makes
* I love how she keeps shutting her "lap top" toy after I open to press the buttons
* I love picking her up from Heathers and loving on her before I put her in the car seat
* I love how she will eat any baby food we give her
* I love that she looks just like her daddy (although it wouldn't hurt if she had a little of me in her) :)
* I love putting big bows in her hair
* I love putting her in dresses
* I love that she loves being outside (it's a good way we calm her down from crying)
* I love how she takes her pacci out and puts it in her other hand and then back in her mouth and repeat it over and over
* I love talking about her
* I love that she takes great pictures
* I love her innocence
* I love her big dark blue eyes
* I love her big ears (she gets it from both sides of the family)

I think I could go on and on...

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