Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Arkansas BFF

My best friend from Arkansas came down for Easter to see her family and to see US!! We love when they come visit. She has 2 beautiful daughters, Peyton 3 1/2 and Bralynn 6 months (Kynlie's BFF) Dawn and I have been friends since Jr. High School and cheered and played soccer together all through high school. She moved away some years back, but we've manage to keep and touch and visit each other. I love her very dearly! She and I were pregnant at the same time. Her daughter Bralynn was born in October, a month after Kynlie. I wish we lived closer so that Kynlie and her could grow up together but I promise, they will be friends and know each other. Brad and I love taking trips up to Hot Springs to visit her, Todd, & the girls. Here are a few pictures of their visit with us.

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The Hobbs said...

I didn't know Dawn had a second one. How great that they are around the same age!