Monday, December 3, 2012

15 months...a little late

Kooper turned 15 months a while back but didn't have his check up until last week.

He's 26 bounds and 32 inches (I think he's taller though)

Dr P said he's growing up perfect and I can't agree more.

He's SO sweet!!! He loves to give random hugs. He loves to cuddle with his momma and pawpaw.

He's talking a lot. Of course I can only under stand a few words. Such as, ball, dog, bye bye, and his new and favorite thing to say is "oh wow". And the rest is Chinese sounding.

He's sleeping better. Just in the last week he's only woke up a few nights and it's usually once.

He eats better too. Yay!!

He's wearing size 18 month in clothes (bless his heart, momma is still squeezing him in 12 m though) Size 5 shoe. Size 4 diaper.

His hair is still blondish red and he has very little. His eyes are still blue but some times they look grey.

(my dare devil)

He loves to dance. He's so funny when he does. He'll swing one arm as he bounces up and down.

(piece fullness in the car today)

He will watch bubble guppies all day if I would let him. Its the best way to calm him down or distract him.

He's growing way too fast. I'm loving every minute but wish it would slow down.

With Love

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