Thursday, December 13, 2012

Going to see the REAL Santa

Last weekend we went tot he North Park Mall in Highland Park to see the REAL Santa. He's as real looking as it gets.

Oh boy, was the line long. Next year, we will go during the week and early in the morning. We got to the mall around 5 something, got a number to stand in line, was told to come back by 7 to secure a spot. We didn't see Santa until sometime after 8. It was worth the wait though. Kids were pretty good. Kooper had his normal fussy moments and Kynlie was her normal hyper self, but it was crazy up there.

While we were waiting for 7, we went upstairs by Barney's to see the Trains. It was really neat. Kynlie enjoyed looking at all the different trains and places they had them displayed.

 Excuse me, has anyone seen my little girl? She's growing up too fast. So beautiful!!

We headed back over to stand in line and wait for a while. Finally our turn came. Kynlie did so good. She's never cried seeing Santa, she just gets real steal and quiet. Kooper on the other hand, cried cried cried. It was expected. I really like the picture we ended up with. These pictures are from my camera, the one we bought looks just like these, but Santa is looking at the camera. (I guess he's not allowed to look at's ok though)

Sunday we went to the nursing home with Brad's parents church to watch the young kids sing and hand out gifts to attendants. Kynlie had fun walking around with her friend Jennifer and seeing Santa...again!! Kooper actually didn't cry this time seeing Santa. He wouldn't let him hold him, but he gave high fives and "talked" to him.

It was a fun Santa weekend.

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