Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 from my phone

I'm going to do two Christmas posts. One from my phone with "on the go" pics. Then one from my computer with good camera pics.
So here my loooong phone picture post...

We had a great Christmas this year. Kynlie is at a fun age and is starting to understand more about Christmas. Kooper is still too young but he had fun getting a little extra attention.
Sunday we had Christmas with Bradley's family. His parents, sister and her family were all there.

Kynlie loves when her cousins come over.
This year Bradley's parents got all four girls (kyn, karlye, & Robyn's 2 step daughters) pink BB guns. Kynlie was beyond excited about it. Me, a little nervous.

Shes already a pro! I think daddy has another deer hunting partner.

Kooper napped while we all opened Christmas presents so he got to open all by hisself an enjoy special time.

Nana and pawpaw got him a small 4 wheeler that sings music and he pushes with his feet. He loves it!
They also bought this cute rocking horse from an auction at church for him.

Daddy likes it too apparently

Christmas eve was a quiet day at our house. Brad went hunting that morning and the kids and I hung around the house.

That evening, the kids went with brads parents to his sisters house while Bradley and I went hunting.

When we got home nana and pawpaw brought the kids home and we made Santa's cookies and opened our traditional Christmas eve presents.


We got in our PJs and read a book and set out cookies and headed off to bed.
(best pic I could get of them on my phone lol)

Santa came!



Kooper called Santa to tell him thank you for the presents

We had breakfast with Bradley's parents then showered and rested until our next stop.

We ran to Bradley's uncle and aunts down the road to say hi and drop off presents. Then we headed to my parents for our traditional Christmas day gathering.
We had Mexican food this year and it was great! We had a really nice time over there. (more pics from there on my camera). We all got great presents from my parents. They never disappoint! Kyn got a lite brite. I had one and loved it. Of course mine was about 3x bigger. She got all kinds of other things too.

Kooper got these very cute big boy cowboy boots!! I love them!

I'll try and post my camera pics tomorrow. I got some really good pictures this year.

I feel so blessed to have my family and the love. God has truly blessed our families and I thank him daily for that.

With Love

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Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

I follow you on IG, just started following your blog. :)

Loooove all the pictures! So precious! Hope y'all had a merry Christmas! xo!