Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welcome Joy

Meet Joy! She's the newest member to the Kubin family. She will be staying with us for the next 3 weeks.

She made her smooth landing on our front porch this afternoon.
***side note*** "Santa" forgot to send her skirt with her. We think it was left in the washing machine. But no worries, it's on it's way and possibly will be here tomorrow.

We were playing this afternoon when we heard a knock at the door and there Joy was, sitting so pretty, waiting on Kynlie.

We quickly moved her inside and placed her on the entertainment center. We than said our hellos and we read her book so we would know all the rules and fun facts about Joy.

Kynlie is excited to know that Joy has real magical powers, knows Santa, likes popcorn, & her favorite doll is Doc McStuffins just like her.
Later Kynlie had to take a potty break and while we was gone doing her business, Joy decided she wanted to sit on the other side of the entertainment center.

We put our name in the book and put it on the self to read again soon

After Kynlie when to bed tonight, Joy decided she needed a little popcorn and a conversation with the snowman.

I'm so excited for Kynlie to wake up and find her. Im excited for many more fun times with Joy. More posts to come with our new friend.

With Love

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