Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Say it's not SEW

I've been busy making some clothes for kyn, kooper, & just because. My poor sewing machine is at the doctor. It stopped working back in December. I've had the itch to make things and since I don't have my machine at the moment, I'm using heat n bond and fabric glue with a little bling bling!

These are some of the shirts I've made in the past week.

I made this very cute clover onesie for Koop man. Well unfortunately he didn't get to wear it because that size 12 month onesie was too small (this brand runs small). But I have a friend having a baby in September and by next march hopefully it will fit the baby.

The shirt I made for kynlie. I love how it turned out! I'm hoping it will fit next yr too.

Looked great with her green tutu!

I put together this sweet green cotton tail bunny onesie last night. It's 3-6 month size. I was just playing around, not thinking it would turn out that good that's why I used 3-6 m. But it turned out so cute!!! I just have to find someone that can wear it!

I put this together last night too. I can't wait to put this on kyn, with her green tutu. Or any of those colors...she has them all!

I picked this material up at Walmart a few days ago. I'm dying to make something with it. I may wait till I get my machine back to see what I can come up with.

Thats it for now. My no sew outfits...

With Love

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Dianna said...

So cute! I love that pic of Kynlie in her outfit! Does the brand that runs small happen to be G*rber? I have learned that brand always seems to run small which is frustrating! Especially after you wash it!