Thursday, March 29, 2012


While I sit here watching kooper play & watch sesame street, and waiting on brad to get home with kyn, and letting dinner sit in the oven so it will stay warm...I'll catch up on some randomness.

This past weekend brad and I went to a consignment sale in hopes to find a double stroller. No luck. But we did come out with some cute outfits for the kids and two toys for $57. Not too bad!

Kynlies sweet little dress I found for all under $7!!

Koopers outfits all around $5 or less!!

Two toys! I picked up the cookie monster to use at Koopers 1st birthday party. (I may have to re dress him) and I got the care bear for kyn. Shes been into her care bear books lately.

After we left there, brad took me by the cemetery where my grandparent are. It was just a few exits over and unfortunately we don't get up that way as often as we should.

I love their little bench!! :)) "till we meet again" It sits under a beautiful tree.

When we got home we went to get kyn from my parents house. We went and had dinner, came back and just hung out there. The guys played darts and mom and I visited, while the kids played.

Mom & daddy

Pro dart player! :)

Kooper making us think he's going to crawl, but he won't.

My pianist! This was my moms toy piano when she was a little girl. Her and her sister played on it, then my brother, me, all my cousins, then my niece Bailee, now my kids! I love old sentimental things like this!

This toy highchair was also my moms.

Sweet boy playing!
That was our Saturday...

Sunday we went to church and then to my parent for lunch. My dads best friend from his child hood that he's stayed friends with all these yrs came over. So we went to see him & his wife and have lunch.

Well I'm going to go and eat my dinner. :))

With Love

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