Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kooper 7 months

Our big boy turned 7 months on the 15th.

I wish he would slow down on growing up on me. He's my last and I want him to stay a baby as long as he can.

He's trying to crawl. But to be honest, I do not think he has that much of an interests. He'll pull up on his knees for a short time then back to his belly.

He's still not eating baby food all that great. He has yet to finish a jar of food. I don't think it's the taste because he'll eat, just not much before he starts cry to be nursed. He finally took a bottle last weekend while his nana kept him. Thank God! But now I've got to get to pumping more so I can have more milk.

He loves laughing at his sister. She is pretty funny I'll have to admit!! I love when he laughs. Sweets giggle and I get to see ALL his teeth. 2 on top, 2 on bottom, and all 4 sides are coming in. That could be a reason he doesn't sleep well.

He is so sweet! I think (hope) he's going to be my calm child. He's very love able and I can't get enough of his sweet lovin. I love hugging his chunky little body!!

He has started not liking his bath time. I'm not sure why. We stared bathing both kids at the same time and letting them play. It worked for a short time and now for some reason he cries his head off.

He still is not sleeping through the night. Although, he slept till 4am last night!! Usually it's 2 when I have to go get him out of his bed. I try the tough love sometimes to keep him in his bed longer. Mostly during the day and it works. But at night I can't do it as much if Kynlie is a sleep because I don't want him to wake her....and it breaks my heart (but it does work)

He loves his momma!! I can not be in a room with him, with out him crying to be held (example picture above). Kyn was the same way. I love the love but boy do I hope it passes soon. I have a hard time getting things done around the house.

I love this sweet face. He'll take a brake from nursing and stare out the window, then he'll go back to eating :))

He love to be outside! We can usually get him calmed down if he's fussy by going outside. Luckily it's been so pretty to do that.

He babbles a lot. It sounds like he says momma but it kinda keeps going. "momomomom" and "dadadadad"

He loves sesame street. Elmo and Big Bird I think are his favorite. His face lights up and he'll stare at the TV for a while watching it. I've already decided that's his 1st birthday party theme. I've found some great ideas on pinterest.

I love his long eyelashes! His sister has them too. So lucky!

Well life has been pretty awesome these last 7 months. I'm tired but would not change it for the world!! My love for Kooper gets stronger everyday!!!

With Love

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