Sunday, March 11, 2012

A night out

Last night Bradley and I enjoyed a night out together at a wedding. My sister n laws niece, who I've considered a niece for many many years got married. Ive watched that sweet girl grow up her whole life. We got a baby sitter so we could enjoy our selfs! Kynlie never does good when we leave her. She screamed so hard for me not to leave. But she finally calmed down after we left.

We had a really good time.

The wedding was unbelievably beautiful!!! I wish I would have had my camera to take pictures of the decorations. It was a mix of elegance, country, and vintage. Not to mention the bride was absolutely gorgeous!

All I had was my camera on my phone and it ended up going dead while we were there. My niece took picture on her phone, I'll have to get her to send them to me.

Me and my momma :))

This is what I usually find when I try to take a picture of me and brad. He's so goofy!

We had a really good time. Of course I missed my babies but it felt good to be out.

With Love

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