Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday Find with a little bit of randomness

Sorry, I might have rambled on a bit...

I started my morning off with a plate of banana bread and a hot cup of coffee with my favorite creamer, vanilla caramel from coffee mate.

I've been battling a on going cough. It's driving me crazy! I have prescription cough syrup i take at night, but it causes drowsiness and that and two very needy kids don't go together. So I lathered up on Vicks rub. I'm researching for home remedies. Know any, let me know.

After the lunch hour the kids and I got to go to "work" with Bradley! Years ago, 2003 to be exact, Bradley and his dads company installed equipment into a new bank that was being built in our town. Well, the bank didn't stay open long, 4 yrs maybe and as far as I know it's been vacant ever since. ANYWAYS.... Someone bought the building and plans on remodeling it for office space. So Bradley's dad had to go give him a price on removing all the bank equipment. I tagged along to take pictures of the equipment so my father n law can try and sale it. Well the bank was left with tons of furniture and the guy that bought it was stuck with it all. I took one chair off his hands. (he had three just like this and I wanted them all but have no room for them) I have so many ideas for it. My main idea is have it reupholstered to match my bed room and find a small round table to place next to it.

Later tonight we went to Bradley's parents for dinner and hang out. Brads dad had a fire going and it was so nice!

Kynlie has a lot of fun over there. The next door neighbor has a daughter that recently turned 3 and although there is a language difference they have fun together.

Ok now that I bored you with my Friday I'm going to bed!
With Love

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