Monday, March 12, 2012

Dollar Tree finds and our day

I love the dollar tree! I always find things in there I cant live with out. I mean really, how can u pass things up for a $1!?!

I stocked up not too long ago on a bunch of "good job, you've been a good girl, surprise" gifts for kynlie. I have them hid in my room and when the time is right she gets one.

Also one of the best bribery gifts that she loves the most and it works every time, is a ballon! They have the best balloons there and she thinks she's on cloud 9 when she gets one. We are on our third ballon. The first one is stuck up at the top of our very tall ceiling. (someone cut the string off and up it went) the second one some how got popped when she was being baby sat Saturday. So her sweet aunt Andie bought her a new one today....

One of my most recent finds that the whole family cannot get enough of is this awesomeness right here...

Best $1 spent lately :)) I won't tell you how many bags we've gone through.

My sweet daughter keeps taking my lip gloss out of my purse and misplacing it. I can't tell you how many times I've got on to her for that and she keeps doing it. So I found this $1 lip gloss and love it!!

I hope she doesn't take this one but if she does at least it's not $10 like my other stuff.

I also found this eye shadow. I need help with my eye make up but that's another post. I like the shinny sparkling look.

It's a powder and has a small brush to apply it with. I'll have to try the other colors they had. Gold and brown.

I'm a coupon cutter! Any chance to save money, I'll take it. Obviously, I'm shopping at the dollar tree! My mom found a coupon book there for me a while back but it was plain Jain (thats all they had at the time) and I'm a colored kinda girl. I found this one today! Yay!!

I also found Koopers Easter basket there!

Fits perfect in our family. We love baseball and Easter fall right around when opening season starts. Go Rangers!

Today we had a play date at chick fil a with a my friend Candice and her kids. Candice and I use to go to church together and work together. Her husband was our youth minister but they relocated to another church about 30 mins away.

That was the only picture I took because the girls were having too much fun to take a picture.

Then we headed to target. I did it, I went shopping by myself with too kids! It's a lot harder these day since we've changed car seats for Kooper. He no longer can ride in his car seat in the cart. He's not too fond of sitting in the front of the cart too long. So he started crying and I had to hold him and push the car. Well 21 lbs gets real heavy after a few minutes. So I took his cart cover and re arranged the cart and this is what worked...

He liked it! Until sister picked on him and we had to leave.

We had a good day today! We have a week planned I'm excited about. Tomorrow we are meeting back up with Candice at her house for another play date! Wednesday my mom and me and the kids are going to take my sewing machine to get fixed. Thursday I'm sooooo excited to get here. My BFF Dawn is in town visiting and we are have a girls day!

I'm off to bed now....

With Love

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