Monday, February 8, 2010

When In Rome

I didn't get to see Dear John Friday, it was sold out. We got there at 6:45 to get 9:30 tickets and they were sold out!! So we decided on When In Rome. Very cute movie...very cute actor Josh Duhamel!! He is Fergie's husband and he use to be Leo on All My Children. The movie kept us laughing the whole time, but I do have to say, there were some parts that were a little ridicules, as if they tried too hard. A lot of people played in the movie. Overall I was pleased. I still want to go see Dear John and I plan on it very soon.

So did you watch the super bowl? I did and was so happy that the Saints won.

I love Drew Brees, this was their first time in history to ever go to the super bowl, they are from the south, and they are overall a good team! I was also very happy I won $50 on a football pot at my work!!

Did you have a favorite commercial? I did...I have two.
This one was the Dorito's commercial

and this E-Trade

This is what sweet Kyn looked like during the game

Half naked, one boot on (that she put on all by her self), and chewing on daddy's old phone.


Rebekah said...

Glad to know "When In Rome" is cute. I want to see it!

Kristina and TJ said...

I thought it was a cute movie too! But I'm a sucker for any Romance Movie.