Friday, February 5, 2010


Our sweet girls is starting to talk so much. Although I can not understand most of what she says, I love it!!!

Poor baby has been hit with the stomach bug and she was hit hard. Monday I got a call from Heather letting me know she had been throwing up. She said she was ok to stay, but then she kept throwing up, so I had Brad go get her and take her home. She ended up throwing up 6 times :( That has to be the most awful feeling for a baby. We know as adults how bad it is, but at least we can control it. Tuesday she stayed home with her daddy to get better and Wednesday I took her back to Heather's thinking she was ok. It wasn't too far into the day when Heather called me to let me know she was running a fever...100.5, not too bad. About an hour or two later, it went up. So once again, I had to get Brad to go pick her up and he took her to the doctor. The doc said her fever was do to the stomach virus and it should pass in a day or two and to be aware of the "other end" (get my drift? HA!) he said we had to let it take it's course. So I decided Wednesday night I would take off work on Thursday and be with her, since Brad had to go to Houston for work. Change of plans......Brad got hit! Daddy's turn to be sick. Let me tell you...I was not cut out to be a nurse (although I once wanted to be). I can take care of Kynlie, but an adult is another story. Sorry babe! So needless to say, I was home babysitting to sickly kids. I'm praying I don't get it. So far so good! As of today, they are all back to work and baby sitters and I haven't received any calls. to the reason of the post!! Yesterday while home with Kyn I was trying to get her to take a nap. She's so good at taking naps. Not yesterday!! I had her in the recliner with me and all the lights turned off, curtains closed, with just the TV on. I was watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and this guy playing missed a question and went home with nothing. Well as we were laying there watching it, I said "AW MAN" about him loosing. A split second after I said it, this sweet little voice says "aw man" HAHAHAHA....let me tell ya...I was rolling in laughter. I thought Brad was a sleep too, but then I heard him laughing. So of course I kept saying it so I could get her on video.
You will not be able to see anything on the video, but you can hear it.

Finally around 4:30 ish...she feel asleep on my chest. OH sweet heaven, the best feeling ever!!

Pray I don't get sick. I have great plans tonight, with Heather, Kari, and Lindsey to go to Olive Garden and to see Dear John. OH I can't wait to see that movie!!!!

I'll have full review this weekend.

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