Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple Pleasures

A lot of blogger have been doing a post on Simple Pleasures. Kelly at Kelly's Korner has a link with more. I'm not going to link on, I'm just going to do the post.
These are things in life that make me smile, love more, be thankful for everything and everyone I have, and just remind me that life is wonderful and life is short so take everything all in, even the smallest things someone might think are pointless. (don't forget to see the post below of my funny little girl talking)

Sweet Tea

Kynlie's smile

The sound of laughter from a child (mostly my Kynlie June) (it's not fake when it comes from a child)

Really really hot showers

The smell of Bradley getting out of the shower

Falling a sleep on the recliner on the weekends with Kynlie

Being able to pray at work with my co-workers

Everyday hearing my mom tell me she loves me

The smell of summer, fresh cut grass, flowers, water sprinklers

Logging on to and seeing new updated posts

Having Fridays off

Long conversation on the phone with my mom

Girls nights

Kynlie saying momma and da ee

The feeling of a baby in my stomach (when I was pregnant, I'm not pregnant)

Getting my nails done and getting a pedicure

Back scratches

Opening my sunroof on a warm sunny day

Animal prints

Sleeping in

Getting text pictures of Kynlie from Heather during the day at work

Hearing from my friend Dawn who lives in Hot Springs Arkansas

Having good conversations with strangers (I'm a people person and can talk to anyone)

Feeling loved


Watching my niece grow up into a beautiful girl

Cooking out on the grill

Watching football (Cowboys, Aggies, Tech, Vikings, Ennis Lions (home town), any team in the Super Bowl)


God's love

Feeling of a good church that makes you feel at home

Looking at old pictures

My daddy's good cooking

Watching my niece cheer

High heel shoes

The color RED

Hearing the National Anthem and being able to cry every time I hear it (good tears)

George Strait's voice

Steven Tyler from Aerosmith (I know I know)

Having my hair washed by my hair dresser

Sunny and warm days

Taking pictures of Kynlie over and over and over and over

Updating my blog

Big hugs

Freshly shaved legs and crawling in to bed HA!

Hearing clean funny jokes

Laughing until I cry or my side hurts

Chinese food

Wearing dresses with flip flops


Wow that's a lot of Simple Pleasures!! I'm sure I could keep going. What are yours?


Rebekah said...

Oh, I love your simple pleasures! many of those are mine, too!

Ashley said...

I love that she calls him "da ee". That is super cute!!

Cathy P said...

Uh, what about your "Cathy" time - that wasn't one of your life's simple pleasures???? LOL

I also love getting into the sheets with freshly shaved legs - that feels so good.

Wish I could still have long conversations with my Mama.

I also love really, really hot showers.

Of course, my "Christie" time too.