Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day - Papa & Ma "A Love Story"

Today is not my favorite day. Not because I don't have anyone to spend it with because I do. I have the best husband and daughter I could ask for. It's because today is the anniversary of the death of both of my grandparents. They meant the world to me and I know me and my cousins and niece meant the world to them. They spoiled us so much.

On February 14, 2001 my Ma passed away. She had been very sick with cancer and had a stroke as well. I loved (love) that woman so very much. My heart was broke into millions of pieces the day she died. I still till this day cry so much because it feels like yesterday.

On February 14, 2008 my Papa passed away. He had cancer as well. I was 13 weeks pregnant with Kynlie when he died. One thing I regret is not telling him I was pregnant. We went to see him in the ICU one day, I was probably 11 weeks and I knew I was pregnant, but we hadn't told our family yet, so I didn't say anything and at the time we had no idea he was going to pass so soon. He seemed so "well" for being in the hospital. I then shared the news with everyone. I was told that his wife told him before he passed. I sure hope so!
They were married 50 years before my Ma died. They had never been apart until that day. It was extremely hard on my Papa. I do believe he would have passed away a lot sooner from a broke heart if he wouldn't have married a year or so later (that's another story I don't like to talk about).

They were a couple I looked up to. I would love to have a marriage like theirs. They loved each other so much and it showed. Especially with my Papa. He worshiped the ground my Ma walked on. The things he would do for her and the things he would buy her.
Some will say it's a love story, with them dieing on the same date. At first I could not see it. The day my Papa died, I remember driving to work that morning and telling myself and the ladies that ride with me that "it's going to be a good day" and I was not going to be sad that it was the anniversary of the death of my Ma, but that it was a day to celebrate that I had a baby growing in me. Then I got to work and got a phone call from my mom telling me that Papa had passed away that morning. I was angry. I wanted to know why? Why this day of all days? How ironic 7 years later he passed away. People kept telling that it was a love story. That on the most romantic day of the year they finally reunited together and will spend eternal life together. It took me a while but I can see it now. Although I would much rather them be here on earth with me (with no cancer) I know they are were they belong in Heaven with Jesus spending Valentines day together, madly in love, just as much as they were here on earth.

I miss them more that anything in the world. They are the closes relative I've ever lost, that meant the world to me! I still cry for them and wish it was all a dream. If I feel this much hurt for them not being here, I cant imagine how my mom feels.
Happy Valentines Day Papa and Ma! I love you so very much!! I can't wait to see you again!

Today Mom and I went to the cemetery to put out new flowers. We thought pretty pink flowers would look good and they did! I was kind of hoping the snow would have still been on the ground, but 90% of it had melted.

Ma's side

Papa's side


The back with their bench that say "Precious Memories Ode and June" the front says "Till We Meet Again" We had it made when Ma died. It was very fitting for Papa to sit on when he would visit. It sits under a big beautiful tree.


Kristina and TJ said...

What an amazing love story! It is so hard to loose a grandparent, but we will see them again one day. Happy Valentines Day!!

Cathy P said...

Awww Christie what a beautiful tribute to your grandparents. It is so funny you call your grandmother "Ma," that is what I call mine and I have not heard anyone else call their grandmother that. I am sure they are happy as clams in Heaven, along with my Mama, but our human hearts want them here with us.

I love you!