Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Before & After

This past weekend Brad had to go out of town and work. So I took the opportunity and cleaned out my closet. I decided that it was time to get rid of the clothes that do not fit and that will not come back in style. Although, I thought I accomplished a lot, I still don't seem to have room in my closet for all my clothes. Sad I know!

I had to face it and part ways with these lovely velvet pants. (don't worry, I haven't worn these since the 90's and I probably shouldn't have even wore them then HA)

Can you believe I still had my dress that I wore to senior dinner 10 years ago? I'm not sure I could even fit it around my thigh. I guess I was in denial that I was not ever going to be a DOUBLE 0 AGAIN!!!


I know it's not easy to see, but I promise I got rid of a lot of clothes and re-hung up the ones in there so they were all straight. I just have a little closet. And I reorganized my shoes!
Here are the bags I got rid of

I think I am most proud of my laundry room. I hang dry most of my clothes so they collect in there and it was just easier to leave them there instead of trying to shove them in my closet.


Here is my dream closet

Of course I'd have a lot more girly things in there! Oh the damage I could do with clothes and shoes in there!

So there you have it! I now can see what I have to wear. Maybe in the Spring I'll do this again and put away my winter clothes.

This is what little tooter bug did

She loves to run from you and hide beside her crib and laugh so hard!


Kristina and TJ said...

Wow I'm so impressed!! I have the hardest time cleaning out my clothes. You have inspired me...maybe I can tackle my closet...just maybe?! ;)

Amber said...

Your did a great job!! I need to do the same thing!

The Hobbs Family said...

I cleaned out my things as well. Having a garage sale this weekend to help my sister with some bills from fertility doctors. Years of bills but a baby girl on the way! Double zero, seriously? HAHA, I passed that size when I was 5 I think.