Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Don't Believe My Eyes...

I live in Texas and we don't see snow all that often. Until Thursday February 11, 2010!
This is the front of my house
The weather man predicted snow and of course like most of the time, we never see it or it doesn't stick. Boy did we get a surprise!! We broke record for snow fall in the DFW area. I live a little south of the Dallas area and I think we ended up with just a little bit more. Like 10 inches!!!!! We left work at 3:30 on Thursday so we could make it home safely in the snow. I think we left a little bit too late...it took us an hour and half to get to Ennis, where on a normal day it takes 45 minutes. The snow fall was beautiful. I have never in my 28 years seen anything like it.
This is my backyard
Look how thick the snow is on the patio table
I hope to see it again and I would love Kynlie to see it. She won't remember, but don't worry...I took lots of pictures for her.
Friday we did not have to go to work. YAY!!! So of course, what else did we do? We played ALL day long in the snow. After breakfast, we all got dressed and bundled up and headed over to my n-laws house. They live way out in the country and have a large pasture and a tank dam. We had a blast!!!
Here are pictures of our house and around our house before we left.
Our tree in the front yard
Our neighborhood
Doesn't look like Texas to me
I love this picture of the American Flag with the snowy trees in the back ground
How pretty is this
At Nana's and Pawpaw's ready to play in the snow
Watching daddy throw snowballs at momma
Going for a ride with Pawpaw
What better way to keep your milk cold, but in the snow
I don't think Kynlie will be pulling anyone out of the snow with her tractor
We tried sledding with Kyn by her self...Not a good idea. She wasn't too impressed
So she rode with daddy
This was just a little hill. We hadn't got to the dam yet, she didn't know what she was in for
The Tank
This what we like to call "Red Neck Knee Boarding"
Beautiful horses in the snow. I love these pictures
My edited version

Brad attempt at surfing down the dam
Sledding again with daddy. Still not too thrilled about it.
Momma's turn. So much fun!!!!
Now Pawpaw's turn
Just hanging out, watching all the wipe outs
Nana had to try it out too
Silly face
After all that fun we had, Kynlie started to get fussy. She was sleepy, hungry, and needed to be changed and I'm sure she was cold. So we all headed in and my awesome mother-n-law made us a homemade lunch. Fried pork chops, mash potato's, homemade gravy, sweet potato fries (they were to die for), rolls, and sweet tea. It doesn't get any better than that. We ate, threw our clothes in the dryer, watched a little T.V., changed some diapers, and visited. Then Brad's sister, her husband, and their daughter came over and it was time to go out and build a Cowboy Snowman. We couldn't do it with out Karlye there.
Kynlie enjoyed the snow a lot better after a full belly, dry diaper and a friend to play with
Helping Pawpaw build the Cowboy Snowman
Tada... Cowboy Kubin Snowman. Pawpaw's hat, Nana's scarf, charcoal eyes, snow nose, tin foil belt buckle, pawpaw's work gloves, rope, and a dummy stir to rope.
Time for the snowball fighting
Taking it all in
My brother-n-law with the Cowboy Kubin Snowman
Sweet Karlye and the snowman
Our little family
There you have it. Our fun day in the snow. I'm sure we'll never see snow like that again. I sure hope we do though! Now it's time for the summer, my favorite time of the year!!!


Rebekah said...

oh so fun! we didn't even get 1/100th of an inch here in Waco. I am so jealous!

Kristina and TJ said...

Great pictures! I still can't believe we got all that snow. Crazy.