Monday, March 2, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Brad, Kynlie and I went grocery shopping on Sunday like we usually do. Kynlie is now big enough to sit in the cart and not her car seat. She's so sweet sitting there watching all the people go by. She's so good too, doesn't fuss a bit! We had been there for a while and looked over at her and she was looking down...the poor baby was dozing off. So Brad put her blanket down as a pillow and she laid her sweet head down and slept the rest of the shopping trip. She's an angle!

Our weekend was good! Friday night we stayed in and ordered Mexican food to go from Don Jose's and rented the Express (great movie). Little missy wouldn't go to sleep until after 10:00 p.m. Saturday we enjoyed a good lunch with Nana (Brad's mom) at Vero's pizza and then Andie, Bailee, Kynlie, and I went shopping! That night Brad's parents treated us to dinner at Johnny Carrino's, which was great! Kynlie was great at dinner and slept through the beginning and then played with her toys the rest. On Sunday we had a birthday party to go to. It was cold and windy but it turned out just fine. Kynlie enjoyed her self so much and was great! (pictures coming soon)
That was our weekend and we can't wait for the next one...Memaw's birthday is Friday!


Simmons Family said...
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Simmons Family said...

So Cute :0) It was good to see yall Sunday! That Kynlie is a little sweetie and no to mention ADORABLE!!

Cathy P said...

I love those little things you put in the grocery carts. They are sooo cute. They did not have those when my kids were babies. She is soooo sweet sleeping there.