Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Praying While Pumping

I'm still breast feeding Kynlie, so I have to take short breaks at work to pump. There isn't much to do back there in the library, sitting all alone. So I talk to God most of the time. Some days I just thank Him for everything I have, some days I ask Him to please forgive me for my sins, sometimes I just de-stress. Today I sat back there and cried to him. I recently came across a blog with a little girl who had a heart condition and who had to have a heart transplant at only 11 months old. Sadly the family had to take her off her life support because there was nothing more they could do and she died yesterday. I prayed that He would be with that family as they go through something no parent should have to ever go through. I pray they could find some kind of comfort knowing she's in a better place and is no longer hurting. I prayed that they could lean on each other and their other children for a bit of piece. During all this crying and praying, I was also thanking God for our sweet, healthy, lovable, cheerful, beautiful daughter He gave us. I thank Him all the time for blessing Brad and I. I truly could not and don't even want to think how we could live with out her. My heart ache for the family that lost their daughter. I will continue to pray for them and continue to thank God everyday for our special angle. If you would like to read about this family go here http://www.thegledhillfamily.blogspot.com/

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Cathy P said...

That was just heart breaking about Gracie Girl. What a special time though that you can spend just praying and talking to God and thanking him for your precious little Kynlie. I think you are right, we should cherish the fact that we were blessed with healthy children, so many people aren't and I can't imagine how they stay so strong.