Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worried Mommy

I'm such a worried mommy. Our sweet girl is sick right now. She's been running a high fever (or so I think it's high)100.0 to 102.0 degrees! She has a rough sounding cough, that sounds like it hurts. She's never sick, just the normal runny nose here and there, but never high fever. I'm one of those moms that is still breastfeeding so she'll "never get sick", who cleans her paci off frequently, who doesn't like "strange" people touching or holding her, I do this thinking it will keep her well. But I know she will get sick a number of times, it's just a mommy thing. Everyone keeps telling "she'll be fine", and I'm sure they are all right, but I'm still going to take her in and have her checked out.

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