Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Testing the "Tot Wheels" and more...

Kynlie loves her Tot Wheels!

Kynlie's aunt Robyn has let her borrow Karlye's Tot Wheels and she loves it! We put her in it for the first time on Sunday while we cooked out on the grill. She didn't know what to do at first, so she just sat there, but once she got going and figuring out that her feet would get her to different places if she moved them, then she was on a roll!

If you look close you can see what hair Kynlie does have, is blowing in the wind. Don't worry baby, one day you'll get lots of hair!

This past Saturday, we went to Lindsey and Jeff's house just to hang out and have some dinner. Kynlie loves it over there, Lindsey's kids keep her entertained. I got some good pictures of her trying to crawl...she's just about got it!

The other day after work, the weather was so nice, so Brad, Kynlie and myself decided to just go outside and enjoy it. We didn't do much but stand outside, but it was nice just to be out there. I took my camera out there with me, to get some good pictures and Brad ended up taking them, so I ended up in all of them (sorry) :)

I feel so blessed the God gave Brad and I such a happy baby, as you can tell by all the above pictures. She's just so excited most of the time (specially if momma's holding her) She has finally tried PEA'S and she LOVED them, but I haven't found anything she hasn't really liked....maybe banana's, but well try them some more and maybe she'll grow a taste for them.
Easter is coming around the corner so that means we need to get busy taking some Easter pictures. We already have her dress and basket. So cute!
Well have a great rest of the week...Until next time....

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Cathy P said...

How cute is little Kynlie in her walker. I love it. My kids used to go backwards everywhere. The kids always seem to get backwards first, but she is going all over.

Very cute.