Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunny Sunday!

Sunday was a great day, in fact the whole weekend turned out pretty good! I'm not one to really like Sundays because I know the work week is about to start and I have to leave my sweet girl for 11 hours a day, so I usually just like to sit around and relax with Brad and Kynlie on Sundays. Yesterday we celebrated my moms b-day at our house and cooked hamburgers on the grill. The weather was WONDERFUL! I was able to get Kynlie in her small stroller and we walked up and down the side walk forever. She loved it! We pulled out her outside play mat and she sat and played for so long. I got lots of great pictures (unfortunately I don't have them to post today). We sat out side in the driveway and garage and we all just visited and the guys played darts. It was so good to have the family over and enjoy the wonderful weather.

Friday, I left Kynlie at home with Brad so I could enjoy a dinner with Andie and two friends. We had a great time, sitting outside and having good Mexican food. I was a little worried about leaving Kynlie and Brad home alone, because Kynlie gets so fussy when I'm not holding her BUT she did wonderful and they had a great time together. I came home to a sleeping her bed, and was able to relax with my hubby! Saturday, we went to Corsicana to visit some friend for a b-day and cooked out. We had a great time and Kynlie really enjoyed all the attention she got, so much she decided to stay up till midnight!!! Sunday just topped the weekend off!! Now it's time for cold weather on it's way, I'm not too thrilled about it. But hopefully this will be it for a long time!

Great picture will be coming soon!

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