Friday, February 27, 2009


Kynlie loves going to Heathers during the day. There are such sweet babies there for her to watch play. Grace (Heathers daughter) is her "BFF" They are so sweet together! Grace is always looking out for Kynlie and making sure she always has her paci in reach and she always has to give her kisses goodbye. She's such a sweet girl. These pictures of them are so cute. I love the second one, looks like Kynlie's trying to eat her. Kynlie is saying dada, I know she's too young to start talking but she's saying it. Of course Bradley is thrilled, me on the other hand........just kidding, I love it!! I love anything that comes out of that sweet mouth. Technically, I know it's her just making new sounds, but we like to think she's saying Dada. Next will have to be momma! The videos are a little rough, but every time I'd start to record she knew and would just stop and look at the phone.

I just love this little girl to pieces. We so thankful to be blessed with a wonderful daughter. I honestly can not get enough of her. Thank you Lord for our precious baby!

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Cathy P said...

Those are sooooo precious!!! OMG what a precious baby. I just love it that you are recording every moment with her.

Sooooo sweet!