Monday, February 16, 2009

5 Months

So our little stinky is 5 months old. She's doing so much more new things lately. She's really wanting to crawl, she can go backwards scooting, but can't make it forwards yet. She's holding everything she can get her hands on. She tries to grab the spoon when I'm feeding her to feed her self, she loves my cell phone and the remote (just like her daddy).
We didn't have a very good Valentines day in our house. Brad and I both had the flu, so we didn't do anything but stay in and try and get well. BUT my sweet husband did remember even though he was so sick and ordered me flowers and they arrived Saturday morning. I love him! I'm a good wife too...his b-day was Friday and I managed to get him a present, nothing much but it's what he asked for...a dart bored for the garage. He loved it!
Back to Kynlie... This little girl thinks I love to play at 3 AM. I don't! She'll wake up and start talking and yelling, I look at her and all she does is smile and turn away. I'm sure if she was in her own bed I wouldn't know this, but she's with us! She can now pick up her pacci and put it in her mouth, it doesn't always get in there the right way, but she's trying. I love watching her try. She is sitting up own her own now and playing. She falls over every now and then still, but for the most part she's doing on her own. I'm so proud!
Here are some great pictures I've taken over the last few weeks. Enjoy

These are on the day she turned 5 months, Super Bowl Sunday (and her SHHH I'm Huntin Cowboys outfit),in her highchair and one of when she fell a sleep on her toys one morning, and the last few pictures are of our sweet girl in a very cute outfit that was made for her. Her party outfit! And random pictures...

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Cathy P said...

Ok - that shhh I'm huntin cowboys is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I am going to lose my job - I am now getting sucked into your blog. LOL

Tooo cute!!!