Monday, February 23, 2009

I cried like a baby...

So Brad and I had this wonderful night planned for this past Saturday. We were going to leave Kynlie with his sister and go out to eat to my favorite restaurant Pappadeaux. The night started out pretty good. We were all on time getting ready and I had Kynlie all ready and pack to go. A little change of plans happened, his sister called and asked us to drop her off with his parents at the church and then she'd be there later. So we did... We got there and Brad's dad went to get her out of her car seat and she started to cry and cry and cry some more. So I took her and calmed her down and handed her back to him, she cried again. I'm thinking she knew we were about to leave her. So I took her back and of course she calmed down in my arms. Then I handed her off to his mom and she just gave me that sad little face and started to cry, so what happened next...I started to cry. I hate seeing her that upset, much less leaving her that upset. We left (me still crying), but we didn't get far, our plans changed really fast and we went and ate at Chili's in town and then went and pick up our sweet baby. I couldn't take it anymore. We have not ever left her to go out before. Of course I leave her everyday to go to work and then I've left her with my mom to go shopping but never have we dropped her off in public somewhere to go out. I feel like such a baby. I know Brad and I need our time together, but I just couldn't get that said face out of my mind. Maybe next time!

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