Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walk This Way....

talk this way! (I love Aerosmith and Steven Tyler) Anyways. that's not what my post is about.
Guess who's walking all over the place? Yep, Kynlie! She started walking a few weeks ago, taking small steps here and there. Now she is on the move. It is the funniest and cuties thing to watch her walk. It's funny because she'll get going so fast and trip over her big toe...poor baby has mommas big toe and it's getting in the way HA! Daddy thinks it's a lot more funny than we do.
Here is a video of her walking last night in the living room. In the video, she is kinda fussy...she was ready for her bath and bed. She wanted me to pick her up so bad but I kept walking from her so I could video her.

Side note to everyone: the pill bottles she holding, are perfectly OK. She doesn't hold them all the time and play with them, she just happened to have them in the video. There is no way she can even get them open. Don't worry, we're not a pill popping family either... HA!

A Little of This, A Little of That...

We've had a few busy weekends lately and we have a lot more coming up. This past weekend we went to a couples wedding shower. It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of my friends there, some I haven't seen in a while. Here are some pictures from that night

Me and my girl

This is Heather, Kynlie's babysitter...she is the BEST!

Kynlie sporting her new kicks...her pink converse

Kari and I. Kari and I go way back! She's not only my friend, she does my hair too

This is Miss Hollywood

Heather and I

I can't believe Kynlie is about to be 1, only about 2 weeks away. We have a great party planned. Kynlie has been so much fun lately. Her little personality is changing and she's becoming a little toddler. We have so much fun making her laugh. I can't get enough of the sound of her laugh. Some of the things I've been doing lately is singing to her. No I don't sing, but Kynlie loves it. I'll singing "Ba Ba Ba...Ba Ba Barbara Ann..." and dance around and she laughs so's a deep giggle and if she's standing up she'll bounce up and down and dance with me. I also sing "I can't get enough of your love, no I can't get enough of your loven baby" and I'll kiss her on her neck and she giggles so hard she can't breath. I'm telling you this girl has done it for me. She is the best thing in the world. She's stolen my heart for good!! She loves to be twirled around (I try not to do this too much, I'm sure it's not good for her) she closes her eyes and she'll laugh so hard. I also do the the horsey ride on my leg and she gets so mad when I stop, but I'm not in shape and man, that hurts my legs. She is just a blast at this age. I'm not ready for her to grow up.


Kelsey Smith said...

Your little girls name is so unique! How did you come up with it because I don't think I have ever heard it before -- love it.

Cathy P said...

I guess I should have been keeping up and I would have known she was walking all over.