Friday, August 7, 2009

Show Us Your Life "Wedding Reception & Honeymoon"

Once again I'm doing Kelly's Show Us Your Life.

I loved my reception. What a fun fun time!! Where I live, there are a lot of Czech people....including my husband. So we had the traditional Czech wedding/wedding reception. This consist of lots of great Czech food, a great band to dance to and lots to drink till late in the night. We had our reception at the local hall KJT. It stated around 3:30 or 4:00 and last till midnight. At the reception, we cut the cakes, did some toasts, socialized, ate dinner, then danced the night away.
There is a tradition we all do at wedding called the Grand March. Its the dance that starts off the night by having a married couple lead a LONG line of couples dancing. They go first, then the bride and groom follow, along with the wedding party and then the guest. They will lead us through the whole hall, the kitchen, bar, dinning room and back to the dance floor. Then at the end of the dance Brad and I would dance together and they would all make a circle around us as we dance.
Then Brad and I had our first "real" dance as a couple. We danced to Paul Brandt "I do" great country love song.
Then I had my father daughter dance. We dance to Gary Allens "When Little Boys Grow Up"....they become men, it talks about fathers growing up and see there little girls grow up. It was perfect. I do not remember what Brad and his mom danced to. Sorry!
After all that, the dancing began and then we partied down the rest of the night. It was absolutely a wonderful time!!!
Here are pictures from that night...You'll see some of the decorations through some of the pictures. I LOVED how everything was decorated.

All the girls at the reception
All the guys and us walking in to the hall
Cutting the cake and toasts
Starting the Grand March
Father Daughter dance & Mother Son dance
Throwing of the bouquet and guarder.

Dancing and guest

and more dancing and more dancing....
The End...leaving and saying goodbye
Now for the Honeymoon!!

OH MAN...what a time we had. We went to Mexico, Rivera Maya. I have soooo many pictures I would love to share. I'm going to try and put just some of my favorites.

Just arriving

Ready for dinner

At our first dinner

View from our room

Having fun! (when I was skinny)

Going to our second night dinner
At our beach dinner

Going to dinner....again

In the ocean

Getting couple massages.....very nice!

Just me

Sad to leave

View from the lobby of the resort


Tiffany said...

Hi there! I clicked on your link from Kelly's blog because it said "TX". I;m a fellow Texas girl! And I had to laugh because we went to the same place on our honeymoon. We LOVED it!! We were married 1-6-07. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and remembering how much fun we had there getting photos at some of the same spots. Too funny. Have a great weekend!

The Borgfeld's said...

Hi There...
Saw your link on kelly's blog! I also clicked b/c it said it said TX! It looks like you guys went to the El Dorado Royale for your honeymoon...we did too and LOVED IT!!!! Thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!

Kristina and TJ said...

I loved all your pictures. Two of our really good friends went to El Dorado Royale for there honeymoons. We are all planning a trip there next summer. Any suggestions?

Rona's Home Page said...

Great photos ~ looks like everyone had a terrific time dancing, eating and enjoying the event.
Your cakes was gorgeous and so were the decorations.
Your honeymoon looks like fun too.