Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today is Sunday. Usually I do not like to do much on Sunday's because I know I have to go to work the next day and I don't like to be tired. But today we got up and went to church. A place we have been needing to go to for some time now. It was very nice to go. We go to the Cowboy Church of Ennis. Very laid back and right up our alley. We haven't been since they've finished the new building, so it was nice to go and see the new place. We love the Pastor there, he's very funny and preaches a great sermon every time we go. Although we do not go to church that much, does not mean we are any less Christians. Our faith is very strong and I'm proud of it. I do think it's time we start going and getting Kynlie involved into more of it. Brad's dad, Kynlie's Pawpaw was very excited to see us walk in this morning. He loves Kynlie so much and loved showing her off.
Here are some pictures of Kynlie in her very cute dress I got at Ross for $5!! Can't beat that.

this afternoon, my parents, Kynlie's Memaw and Pappy came by to give Kynlie a present. This cute Mickey Mouse that you ride. Kynlie absolutely loves Mickey Mouse and my dad thought she would like this, and she did!

She loved it so much she had to give Mickey a kiss!

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